Back from Scotland where I spent Christmas with family and friends!  I managed to get that Scottish accent back very quickly so that people could understand me….It was lovely to relax, not do any work at all and to enjoy spending time with good friends and family. 

Having downloaded my email mountain, I spotted that I have now reached the heady heights of "cover girl" for the latest issue of Rapport – the ANLP magazine.  This came about by synchronicity – let me tell you more.  When I completed my NLP Business Practitioner course last year, we had to complete a final assessment when we got the opportunity to put into practice our newly found skills with a "guinea-pig" –  individuals that our course tutor had invited to participate in this process and who had a real-life issue they wanted some help with.

When it came to my turn, all the individuals were occupied, and unbeknown to me, the Managing Director of ANLP was in the room, observing the final sessions ahead of her presenting the certificates to us that evening after we had successfully completed the assessment. So our tutor asked her if she would be willing to be a guinea pig for the exercise and I then went on to coach her.  I did not know that was who she was, which was just as well or it may have made me even more nervous!   

Later, we got talking and I told her more about my polar expedition background, hence her interest in including me in a feature for the winter issue of the Rapport magazine.  I guess we just never know who we might meet and in what circumstances, so I do encourage you always to "just be yourself" and then people will see you as your authentic self.  Business and media opportunities are indeed all around us – we just need to look out for them.