I took my first steps into the world of webinars this week, when I interviewed Nicola Cairncross of The Money Gym.  There I was all organised to start on time, and because I dialled in too early it did not work!  I could hear Nicola speaking, but she could not hear me so I had a moment of panic until I fixed the problem.  Anyway, it reminded me how technology is great (when it works) and that how easy it is to bring people together in cyberspace no matter where they are located.    

Many women are now starting internet based businesses because they can work whilst being at home for their family and have more freedom and choice as to what hours they work. It does not matter when your shopfront on the internet is always open.  In fact Internet Marketing is just one of the four pillars of wealth creation that Nicola mentioned and she will be talking about this in more detail at our event at Blenheim Palace on 1st November.  Having spoken to hear this week, I can’t wait for the event to meet her in person and not in cyberspace!