As social media plays a bigger role in our work and our lives, its worthwhile to give some thought to how you are seen by others when you engage in this world.  Here's how I like to be treated, and hopefully how others do too…..

1.  LinkedIn Introductions – If you are going to invite me to connect with you on LinkedIn, please remind me how you know me, and not just assume that "friend" is an acceptable way to send your invitation.  95% of the people who claim to be my friend I have never even met!  A short message, saying we have not met before, but you seem like an interesting person to connect with, is much more flattering!

2.  Say Thank you – if someone retweets your Twitter messages or sends a reply to your Tweets, then respond to them and say thanks. Its a good way to open up the conversation.

3.  Little and often – I tend to remember people who are regular Tweeters, or post status updates often on LInkedIn. Their names stick in my mind so a little and often (just like this post) is better than a rare posting.

4. Givers gain – I like to give support, ideas and help to others if there is something that they are looking for.  If you get known for helping, then again you will be memorable.

Here are some useful tips from another website too