We are now in the middle of the Olympics and every evening I watch the highlights on TV.  I marvel at how the athletes can pull exceptional performance out of the bag, when the pressure is on and there are hundredths of a second between win or lose.

So having achieved the heady heights of running for Scotland in athletics here are my five tips to help you run a gold medal business:

1. Never give up.  If you are really determined to succeed then its amazing what you can achieve. Keep going until you are forced to quit or win!

2. Focus on your own, not your competitors performance.  It can be easy to get distracted (just like the UK sychronised diving team did) and start thinking about other things. It might be what do others' think, what are your competitors doing, or why results are not as good as previous years.  Make sure you keep focused on what you can control.  If you do your best then that's all you can ask of yourself.

3. Develop self-belief.  Practice developing your "can do "mindset.  Write down one success that you achieve every day and what you were thinking when you achieved that success.  Use it as a motivational tool on the days when you feel less positive.

4. Practice being competitive.  This does not always mean win-lose.  Compete against yourself – how can I improve what I did yesterday?  What is my new target?  Research your competitors in business and identify what their gaps are, and look to excel in those areas.  This might seem at odds with point 2, but you can do the research and then use it to your advantage, in the heat of the "moment" when pitching for business, or creating your marketing materials.

5. Look after yourself.  Your business will only be successful if you are able to run it effectively.  Take time for relaxation, eating healthily and having some change of scene outside the work environment. By having diverse interests, you can get inspiration and ideas from other places.