This month I have been chatting to several of my close business contacts who have all been telling me that they have been finding it tough lately – the credit crunch, trying to find funding to grow, companies taking longer to make decisions.

When I asked them all how they manage to keep going – all of them have said that whilst its tough, they know that indeed the challenges have partly helped them.  This is because they have realised they are capable of more than they thought and in digging deep for ideas, contacts, belief etc. they have found a reservoir of goodwill too.  The people who really look out for them have come to the fore, and it has helped them to focus on what’s really important within their business.

Whilst I do not advocate that everyone has to endure some sort of hardship, I do think that if you ask those who have been successful in business, what has been their greatest learning – many of them quote those dark moments and how it helped them to put situations into context.  It’s during tough times that you have to remind yourself of why you are doing what you are doing – its Step 1 – The Defining Moment in my Steps to Success. Ask yourself – what prompted you to get started in business anyway?  What are the benefits to you?  What is really important? The answers to those questions help you re-evaluate where you are going and can help keep you motivated.