If you want to get better at keeping focused on your goals then here is a useful method that Marshall Goldsmith told me about which is quick, easy and yet challenging.  Team up with a close friend or colleague and share with them the key goals that you want to achieve in your life or work this year. e.g. spend more time with my family each day, win 5 new clients each month, put “me time” in my diary weekly.  You also ask them for their goals and make a note of them.

Then at regular intervals you make contact and ask each other to report on progress by giving each goal a rating from 1 – 10.  So all you need to do is remind them of their goals and then they say 5, 8, 3 etc. and they record their ratings.  They do the same for you.  Its quick, easy, no judgements are made and you get a sense of how you are doing against your stated goals. Over time you will get a sense of whether things are changing. You are both in it together and making a commitment to help one another. Try it and see what happens!