I was thinking about how I get inspired recently  and here is what I came up with.

Mindset = must be open to ideas, not full of to do lists and pressures…

Activity = looking at an ordinary event in a different way e.g. I was listening to a programme that was discussing who owns the sea, and thinking about applying that idea to another situation.  Or today sitting in the sun watching the impact that it has on the sand and the beach in front of me.

Other Factors =  for me i have identified there should be some sort of movement.  Driving a car, or walking, or moving in some way seems to stimulate the brain to make the connections.

Also, getting away from the detail perspective and thinking more in a big picture sort of way, e.g asking myself so what impact does this have on a wider scale?

Consider your preference in communication, visual, auditory or kinaesthetic and focus on the one that is your preference.

My favourite ways to get inspiration:

1.   Listening to an interesting radio programme whilst driving

2.  Walking in the woods with my dogs – with no time pressure

3.  Listening to a speaker talk about a subject that I find interesting