I was having a conversation recently about the power and influence of language, as books like Words that Change Minds by Shelle Rose Charvet help you to understand how language and the words that people use will give you a clue to their motivations.


So think about this:

If you said in a board meeting "I feel that we should agree to the proposal being tabled"  versus "I believe we should agree to the proposal being tabled" which to you would be the more powerful phrase and what is its impact on you?

This makes me think of the NLP logical levels of change model and how the statements above relate to beliefs, which drive our feelings, which then drive our actions and therefore using belief may appear a more powerful statement of intention.

Stating "I believe" also forces you to really consider "do I REALLY believe this?" 

A good friend of mine has recently published a book titled Its Your Choice, Uncover Your Brilliance using the Iceberg Process which is all about the hidden code in language – so next time you make a statement, reflect on the words that you use.  What are their impact on both you internally and those who are listening?  Then think about whether they are really the words that you want to use in future.