The numbers continue to grow for our collaborative networking event at Blenheim Palace which is fantastic.  What I like about this is that I am working with Lesley Reader, who runs two other networking groups and she also follows the ethos of "givers gain".    Whilst I have questioned it sometimes (during the tough times) deep down I know that type of abundant thinking really pays off.

An attendee at our networking meeting commented that she had been to some other local networking events and had now realised that what makes our groups different is that the approach is always about giving, not taking.   

Another similar situation also happened last week. I had been given the name of Kate Burton who is an author and coach, whom my friend, Elizabeth had thought it would be worthwhile contacting to because she thought there would be some synergy.  As always I trusted in Elizabeth’s intuition and gave Kate a call.  After a few minutes of discussion I immediately worked out how I could help her and made a suggestion, to which she agreed and I was delighted.   It was only then that I thought about what was in it for me – apart from the good feeling that is!  We then identified some ways that she could also help me and so it turned out to be a fruitful conversation.  Just reinforced my ethos of giving first and trusting that it will be reciprocated sometime in the future, somewhere…..

So go on, try giving today with no expectations of a return and see what happens!