This week I am based in Astoria, Oregon and last night delivered a presentation to women in the community on motivation for success.   Astoria is a town of 10,000 based at the end of the Columbia River where it meets the Pacific.  It has a deep water port where cruise ships stop off, and a thriving river traffic which holds my attention as the ships pass along. 

What I found fascinating is how quickly one can get to know people in a community through doing a presentation.  The local journalists took an immediate interest and today I recorded a radio interview  and did another with the local business reporter. There are plans to stock copies of my book in the local bookstore, and at the local coffee house, the owner had heard me speak last night so made me feel really welcome. Everyone seems to know everyone and there is a great sense of community spirit.

I have been listening every morning to the Ship Report which tells listeners about all the ship traffic which allows you to get some additional knowledge about the vast array of ships and it turned out that the business reporter also records the Ship Report – small world huh!

The praise I received from some of the women following the presentation reinforced to me that the message about how to achieve your goals is universally relevant for
women regardless of whether they are based, we
are all human beings who respond to stories and identify that often its
our self-limiting beliefs and fears that hold us back from achieving
what we want to.