Your environment makes such a difference to how you think and feel.  One that feels restrictive and limiting, will often influence your mindset into a similar frame of thinking. Or at the opposite extreme, a relaxing and nourishing location is likely to have a positive effect on how you view life and work.

Having recently moved to a wonderful small village, with views across the countryside to die for, it is the country idyll.  I was tempted for several days not to put on the radio or play music, because I wanted to open the windows and enjoy the birds tweeting outside and the silence.  Who could get stressed whilst being in nature and appreciating it.  Result – positive mindset

Then came the hay fever season.  Same location, different environment. With the window open this meant all the pollen pouring in, and me constantly sneezing.  Result – red eyes, itchy nose and lack of tolerance especially with call centres that have generally poor service anyway…..

So this week, I headed north to deliver a motivation Masterclass for a client in Lancashire.  I was going to be telling them that if you get yourself in the right mindset, then you are in a position to inspire others – but how could I do this myself with all the sneezing and red eyes?  Result – not feeling inspired

The answer lay in the environment and a wonderful hotel I discovered to stay in the evening before the event.  After a quick Google search about an hour before I was due to leave, I discovered one that looked interesting.  Stanley House Hotel is indeed interesting and in a wonderful location. Set high above the road and with views across Lancashire, it was formerly a manor house that has been refurbished to an extremely high standard and delivers amazing service.  Who could fail not to get into the right mindset in such a location?  The attention to detail was noticeable, and I began to wonder if they could train some of those call centre people I had spoken to earlier in the week in the art of customer service?!

Even the sneezing stopped.  So as I sat in the conservatory the following morning enjoying my breakfast in the sunshine, I felt special, important and cared for. Result – I was transformed into being at my best

So think abour your environment and how much it influences you?  Can you change it or improve it?  A small touch can make a big difference, and will help you be at your best.