I have noticed recently that many of our coaching clients or attendees at our workshops have one issue in common:  they are resisting something.

It might be taking the first step towards a new project, dealing with a colleague who has a different approach to working or making some sort of change in their lives.  Because of this resistance, they might feel frustrated and angry and the issue consumes a large amount of their waking hours. 

Very often what I have helped them to do is reframe the situation and try to understand what is going on from another perspective.  Sometimes that can be extremely hard to do – especially if its resistance related to the behaviour of another person, because it means you have to step into their shoes and view the situation differently. What I have noticed is that when they realise that acceptance does not have to mean agreement – they can move on.   So think about it – what do you need to let go of today and move from resisting to accepting.  Three things can help you do this:

1.  View the situation from some other perspectives – what do other people notice is going on? what does that other person think about you? what would a fly on the wall think is really going on?

2. Accept that by taking an action it does not mean it has to be forever.   

3. Think about the positive benefits you will gain from accepting the situation.

Try it and see what happens – you will be amazed – no more stress!