Today has been a long day of going through all the commitment cards given back to me from people attending events that I have spoken at in the last few weeks.  A commitment card is completed by a person and it provides details of one "action" that they agree to take to make some sort of progress towards their goals.  I commit to following up with them at a time in the future (normally about a month later) to find out how they are getting on and to support them in continuing with other actions.

I decided to start this about six years ago as a result of not getting any feedback from people after an event and therefore not knowing if what I had said had made any difference to them  and helped them to move forwards. 

It has worked really well.  I email or call every person and although they don’t all get back in touch with me, those that do often have not only done the action they committed to taking, but often many more as this has spurred them into action…..

Today’s cards had a large amount of people who are looking for mentors to help them with moving their business forwards and it struck me that sometimes the ideal person to be a mentor is someone that you know already but have never thought about them in that role. 

My own business mentor is someone whom I had met at several different business events and admired her achievements, personality and approach.  I never thought about asking her to be my mentor until one day it just came to me, that she would be the ideal person. 

So I now encourage people to create a "WANTED" poster for their ideal mentor. It helps to focus your thoughts on what qualities the person is likely to have, what knowledge and experience they could bring, and what help you would want from them.  Then to also think about what they can bring to the table.  Often people think that mentors will be doing all the helping and that they have nothing to offer, but in my experience its always a two way trade in some form or other…..