It’s a difficult job finding the finance to grow the business.  Today I had a meeting with a possible investor, which was nervewracking beforehand – will they like us and our concept?  I had to remind myself that investors buy the management team as much as the scalable concept and that being myself was the best approach!

Luckily the meeting was very positive and I find that the more I talk to people about the concept and the business model the easier it is to explain what we offer.  No longer do I hear a pitch that is jumbled and unfocused, it’s now embedded into my language and approach, which provides a congruence that others pick up on. 

This business is my passion and I am learning to communicate the message to those who are not so driven by the "making a difference" but by the bottom line results.  This financial language is one that I know many women are not used to speaking and therefore it can take a lot of practice to become skilled in communicating the financial elements of the business that appeal to investors.