Just been sorting out an event for March with some other Oxfordshire Networking Groups.  We are holding an evening event with one of the top US Chief Executives- and she’s a woman!  Margaret Heffernan has run some of the major media companies in the US and has an impressive track record.  She is also passionate about helping women to achieve their potential in business. Her latest book – How She Does It: How Women Entrepreneurs are Changing the Rules for Business Success is out in January.

What I am excited about is that our event is a collaboration. Let’s bring the best people to speak in Oxfordshire and let’s work together to get a great audience there.  Too often I hear about competition in the business support sector and it’s sad because I believe if we work together we will accelerate the changes more quickly.  The government are trying to reduce the number of business support organisations and in the midst of all the rush to hang on to jobs and funding, the most important person – the woman or man who wants help, gets forgotten about.

So, if you have any ideas on how you could collaborate with Mission Possible, then let me know….