Tomorrow I am going to a local nursery school to talk to the children about “cold places”.  As they won’t want to listen for too long I am also taking along some of my expedition clothing to show them what you wear in the Arctic – and of course they will get to try it on!  This came about because the children wrote me a letter inviting me to speak to them and the teacher was quite surprised when I responded – because she believed I would be too busy.

I regularly speak to business people who wish for all sort of things e.g. getting a mentor, making the introduction to a contact in a particular company, or finding an ideal business partner and yet don’t do anything about turning their wishes into reality.  Now whilst the result in the end may not be the ideal outcome, I always encourage people to take the risk and ask for the help, referral or contact they want.  After all, what is the worst that can happen?

If you can accept the response, then go for it and you might get a pleasant surprise….