One of the most fun parts of my job is making connections and we had a recent great example of this.

We have just included Dr Julie Bradshaw on our role models section of the website. She holds 17 world records for long distance swimming amongst other things! When she browsed the other role models, she realised that Anita Corbin, our award-winning photographer role model, had photographed her in a feature about her achievements for the Sunday Times Magazine when she was 15 years old!

I asked Anita if she remembered Julie – and of course she did – who could forget a rather determined 15 year old record breaking swimmer?  Anita also said that she was the tender age of 21 at the time….so probably no surprise why she remembered another talented young woman….

And now years later they have been back in touch with one another as a result of our role models section.  This is an example of how I love facilitating connections between people. It underpins our philisophy of "Givers Gain" that runs through all the events we organise.  It costs nothing to link people up and provides a sense of satisfaction. So go on, facilitate a connection today….