Enterprise Week is about to begin…..the time when lots of young people are encouraged to be enterprising.  It’s a great campaign across the UK with many different events being staged.  We are involved in a small way through a few events that I am speaking at in Cheshire with Business Link and also in Shropshire with Women in Rural Enterprise.

We have been enterprising too, and have sourced some government funding to run two workshops in the coming months.  One for women who are early stage entrepreneurs, and the other for women who are running growth businesses

There is nothing better than meeting women face to face in order to understand the real issues that are stopping them from moving forwards.  That way we can develop the website to really meet their needs, rather than second guessing what the issues are.

As a business woman with family commitments I will also have to be enterprising this week to juggle work, exercise, dog walking commitments, and a million and one other things….All solutions welcomed….!