I have recently entered the mystical world of podcasts having known about them for ages but not worked out how to get them to appear on my iphone.  Anyway, as there was lots of travelling involved in getting to and from South America for my recent cruise, I had decided to work out how to register for podcasts and download a few that I would watch and listen to during the journey. 

One particularly interested me – an interview with Vivienne Cox who created the Alternative Energy group within BP and is Executive Vice President.  I have heard Vivienne speak before and this interview was very inspiring in that it is refreshing to hear someone at the very top of a major corporation talking about working with competitors, being open to new ways of thinking and values based leadership. 
Download the interview here  INSEAD Leadercast – VIvienne Cox

I have also come across another really useful blog which will help you create your own podcasts too.