When you leave for work in the morning, do you always wear the same perfume or aftershave?   Is it synonomous with you? 

Earlier this year,  I was in a leading hotel chain for a conference and the first thing I noticed on arrival was the smell.  Same as last year, it was a different city in USA, but the same hotel chain and same aroma.  It somehow gave me a sense of familiarity and a level of confidence that I was going to have a good experience at the hotel.

So if the hospitality and retail sectors are getting into smell being part of the brand expereince, how can we as small business people do the same?  

After all, our senses will evokel a memory and if you provide a great product or service for your clients, then its another way to connect you to them by adding in a company aroma.

Recently I came across the Estee Lauder Adventurous brand of perfume….maybe one for my company brand….quite apt dont you think 🙂