This week I went to an event at Said Business School to hear Julie Meyer, founder of Ariadne Capital speak about business.  She was one of the women whom I interviewed for my book Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs and therefore I was interested to know if the messages that she would be communicating had changed over time.

It was heartening to hear a consistency in what she said…….about creating a growth story for Europe….and investing at the moment of greatest pessimism…..which were two things she was telling me five years ago too.

Julie also explained her six points that entrepreneurs should consider:

  1. Be unreasonable about success as an entrepreneur – which means acting with imperfect information, never assuming that you control time, never giving up and expecting success
  2. You know more than you think you do (this was one of her top tips in my book too)
  3. Invest in the success of others
  4. Be radically open to the world
  5. Exact accountability – Julie talked about the role of management being the search for accountability
  6. Create the conditions of trust so that great things can happen.

It just reminded me that the message does not necessarily change over time, but sometimes its our ability to hear it that might be different!