It's been a funny old time recently, with such turbulence in the financial world rubbing off on us locally.

First we were woken up in the early hours of Monday morning with a call from a friend at Lehman telling us what was going on there….then a few days later another call from a friend at HBOS telling us of the news about the merger…which they learned about from the TV!   Makes you think that corporate communications is vital at times like these….

Then we have been going through our recruitment process for a new Managing Director, with a great many high calibre people expressing an interest.  It's wonderful to see how all the networking we have done over the years yields results when it has been through this source that most of the candidates have found out about us.

What I reflect upon is how important a company's public perception is, because whilst not everyone will know about, or want to know about the detail behind the glitz, we do judge companies often on their website, their staff and their level of service.  So think about what image your business portrays.  If you don't know, then why not ask your customers and find out what people really think about your business.