We began our latest business planning programme yesterday helping thirteen entrepreneurs to create a plan that they are proud of and will help them move forwards.  When we asked them why they wanted to write a plan in the first place?  The majority of responses were related to getting focus, so they could just get on and do it – take action on their businesses.  So I wondered what has been stopping them?

Lack of a deadline
We put a six week deadline on the programme, and during that time they get 1 -1  coaching to help them complete the plan.  People really like having a deadline to work to it seems and it can be harder to impose that on yourself.  On this programme, it is being imposed on them….

Fear of missing out on customers
We discussed together why business owners are often reluctant to focus and target their offering to one sector, or one service.  It’s that fear factor, of scaring away possible customers by not being all things to all people.  However, the real  benefit of focus is that it does target all your efforts and therefore you are much more likely to get customers and a financial return on your marketing and time investment if you are clear about what you do.  A bit like going to the Arctic and just spending every day skiing around in the cold, and not being prepared to commit to getting to the North Pole.  The result would be just getting cold, frustrated and demotivated I guess, and after a while, it just all looks white.

So where are you with your business?  Are you heading for your North Pole – or are you lacking clarity because everything just looks white?