I have been avidly watching the latest Danish thriller, Borgen, which has recently been airing on BBC4.  Borgen, which means Parliament in Danish, has all the elements of drama, intrigue and political tensions that TV viewers may be used to, but what I particularly enjoyed was that the key character, Birgitte Nyborg, (a woman) is the Prime MInister.

She is constantly being challenged to consider the dilemma that many working women face - is it possible to obtain and keep power and be yourself?   Are you able to have a career and take care of your family and yourself all at the same time?"

We observe throughout the series a woman in charge of the "boardroom" and how many of her male colleagues are not impressed by this.  Her husband, is also challenged by the situation which leads to an interesting conclusion in the final episode of Series 1. 

It made me think about women as well as men who are driving forward this agenda for more integration in the boardroom.  Have they really thought about how it will impact on both sexes?  I think this drama would give them plenty of food for thought.

Its well acted, and whilst is shown with subtitles, which I did originally think might be hard work (and was definitely too difficult for my eyes on my iPhone!!) it was amazing how much it held my interest.

There is an interesting piece in the Guardian about the programme which is also worth reading.

Watch an episode and see what you think.  Is it what the boardrooms of the UK are going to experience in the future?