I am feeling really annoyed today, and want to ask a question of the universe – do givers really gain?

You go along to networking groups – like the one that we run www.faringdonwomen.co.uk and we encourage people to be givers i.e. that they come with the mindset of helping others rather than what they can get out of it themselves.   The intent behind this is that what goes around comes around and you will get a benefit sometime in the future when someone helps you.

Today I am feeling that the universe has not lived up to its side of the bargain.  I happily provide ideas, contacts and support to the many women that ask me for help every week because I know that I have knowledge that could help them succeed further with their business dreams.  This knowledge has a value and has been collected over the many years I have operated in this arena.

So then I ask for help for myself and what happens…..nothing…..instead that request is exploited and where do I land up – feeling annoyed, let down and asking the question – is it me that is stupid in all of this?  So what are your thoughts?