In the last couple of weeks I have spoken to a high proportion of my business acquaintances from whom something is changing in their life.  Now you may say, well that happens all the time, but it has been very noticeable to me that these changes are quite major ones – pregnancy, sale of business, purchase of business, marriage etc.   In conversation with one of my friends, we wondered if it was to do with Mercury being in retrograde.

I am not much of an astrological person and had to look up what this meant, but in doing so found an interesting article which made good sense to me.  What is said was "Mercury retrograde is not considered a favorable time to start
something new, but serves as an opportunity to review situations we’ve
overlooked or might not have paid enough attention to. When Mercury is
retrograde, it’s time to put the RE prefix before everything you do: reconfirm, rethink, renegotiate, repair, revise, redo, reconnect, reinvent, retry, etc." And whilst the last period when this happened was Jan 11th to Feb 1st 2009, it would tie in with my theory that this reflection then prompted change.

Reviewing is something that in our busy lifestyles we do not always make time to do and so perhaps something about Mercury is beneficial to our businesses by encouraging us to take time to reflect.