Last night I was speaking at an event for business owners in the hairdressing sector.  It was a fascinating evening.  There was another speaker before me Colina Currell from Synergy who was great and provided loads of inspiration, enthusiasm and wise words for the salon owners. She reinforced the point that training, training, training is the mantra for getting and keeping good people which of course was music to my ears.

I found myself thinking about how a hairdresser builds and maintains customer loyalty.  It seems that  good old customer service and making people feel special is paramount.  Salons should recognise that clients do not belong to individual stylists but to the salon and therefore clients should be encouraged to try a different stylist in order to gain from other’s creative ideas – but most importantly overall keep that person coming back.   This is very similar to the problem that many consulting and training companies experience – how to wean a client away from their first initial contact person and to work with someone else?

Too often, a senior consultant goes into an organisation, builds the relationship and wins the business and then the client only wants that person to work with them.  Its often about how the consultancy is positioned right from the start and this is what the team at Synergy clearly try to do – show that they are a team and every stylist is great. 

This issue is so important for business owners looking to grow their businesses – as they need to learn to delegate work to colleagues and free themselves up to look for new business.  This means learning to trust your associates, team-mates or colleagues and finding ways to introduce them to your clients and let them build relationships too.