This morning I was preparing for a recording session that I doing very soon on Motivating Yourself as part of a CD series of Business Success Strategies for Notion. It meant that I had to explain concisely the key concepts of how to maintain your motivation.  Easy you might imagine….

However, it was not quite so simple. Sometimes what we do unconsciously and as second nature, is more difficult to bring into the conscious mind.  I found myself reminded of the conscious competence ladder that I use with clients when helping them when they are learning something new. 

So there I was, thinking about the what really keeps you motivated, and having written about it, spoken about it and lectured about it at length – for once I was lost for words.  So I have thought about it more since this morning and listed some of the things that have motivated me this week:

1. The wonderful autumn colours and leaves crunching under my feet, whilst walking the dogs!

2. Getting an email from a US contact of mine who introduced me to one of her colleagues who is doing more and more business in the UK. I decided to invite her colleague to an event I am speaking at, and she is delighted – a great way to motivate me to do a fab speech!

3. Three referrals that are going to attend our Women Presidents Organisation meeting with a view to joining. 

4.  Running a session on dealing with difficult people at a workshop which everyone loved and felt they could apply the techniques immediately

Motivation can be found in the oddest of places!