When the going gets tough – what do you do?  Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing…..

This is something that I always encourage others to do, and that is why Step 1 The Defining Moment is included in our Seven Steps to Success.  It was time this week for us to do this too.  At our board meeting we went back to basics, in order to remind ourselves of our uniqueness and why we are different.  It helped us to redefine what Mission Possible is about and the underlying values and beliefs that drive our business.

It was a very useful exercise because:

  1. It gave us all a common focus
  2. It motivated us to keep going
  3. It enabled us to focus on the benefits and value that we bring to others

So from starting this week feeling demotivated and helpless, I finished it feeling powerful and valuable.  Going back to basics helped us – and my final thought is why is it always so difficult to apply the medicine you give to others to yourself?