Female Role Models

Role models play a vital role in providing inspiration for others…..and everyone can become a role model.   In business, women are still under-represented at senior levels within many organisations, and as entrepreneurs.  Over the last few years, I have interviewed many women in business who are achieving success, making money and doing great things in their local communities, or to support others.    Learn about what they did to achieve success and be inspired.  Sue Stockdale

Penny Streeter
Jeanette Forbes
Neeraj Tyagi
Neeraj Tyagi






Madinah Ali, MSA Global/Toptel Joint Venture Inc, Georgia, USA – Global Contact Center business

Linda Bennett, Shoe Designer and founder of LK Bennett, London, UK

Catherine Spencer,  Founder of Inspiring Women and former Captain of England Women’s Rugby Team

Josephine Carpenter founder of the Big J, manufacturer of fruit smoothies

Jemima Codrington, freelance copywriter, based in Edinburgh, Scotland

Anita Corbin, First Women – 100 portraits of women who were first in their field of achievement

Karen Emanuel, Key Production, London, UK

Charlotte Evans and Caroline Jarvis, Buggyboot, UK

Anita Corbin
Anita Corbin
Julie Meyer
Sarah Steel
Sarah Steel






Jeanette Forbes, PCL Group, Aberdeen, Scotland

Gail Goodman, Constant Contact, USA

Polly Gowers, Everyclick, Gloucestershire, UK

Deborah Lee Marlow, Chilis ‘n Blues, New Zealand

Sherry Moran, Tribeca Knowledge, UK

Myrna Marofsky, Wisepack, USA

Julie Meyer, Ariadne Capital, London, UK

Leslie Meingast, TPD based in Vancouver, Canada

Judi Sheppard Missett, Jazzercise, Carlsbad, USA

Michelle Mone, Founder of MJM Design, Scotland

Marilyn Orcharton, Founder of Denplan, UK

Louise Scott
Gail Goodman
Gail Goodman
Geetie Singh
Geetie Singh






Deborah O’Leary, Forensic Pathways, UK

VIv Parry, Exquisite Hand Made Cakes, UK

Sally Preston, Babylicious, UK

Margaret Ramsdale, Jexa and Omega Uniform Systems, Canada

Pamela O’Rourke, ICON Information Consultants, Texas, USA

Louise Scott, Tidalfire, Edinburgh, Scotland

Glenda Stone, founder of Aurora Gender Capital Management, UK

Geetie Singh, Founder of UK’s first organic gastropub, Duke of Cambridge, London, UK

Sarah Steel, The Old Station Nursery, Oxfordshire, UK

Penny Streeter, Founder of A24 Group, UK and South Africa

Sherry Moran
Sherry Moran
Myrna Marofsky
Myrna Marofsky
Yvonne Thompson
Yvonne Thompson






Helen Swaby founder of Whitewall Galleries and De Montfort Fine Art, UK

Yvonne Thompson, founder of European Federation of Black Women Business Owners and ASAP Communications, UK

Neeraj Tyagi, Green Latte, Mumbai, India

Brenda Van Duinkerken, Duinkerken Foods, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Sheri Ward, Omega Security Systems, UK

For more stories about inspiring female role models contact Sue Stockdale  or read The Growth Story and Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs