If you like reading or want to give a book to a friend as a Christmas gift my publishers are offering a £15 voucher to spend on any ebook you like when you buy 2 or more books from either myself or my fellow authors during December and January.

Simply buy 2 printed books from http://astore.amazon.co.uk/bookshaker-21?ref=101
or 2 ebooks from http://www.bookshaker.com/index.php?ref=101 and when you’re done complete the form at http://www.bookshaker.com/drupal5/xmas-bonus-offer

You will then get a voucher worth £15 to spend on further ebooks at http://www.bookshaker.com/index.php?ref=101 which in most cases will entitle you to at least 1 free ebook.  It’s a win-win all round!