Karen Emanuel and Sherry Moran, both members of the Women President’s Organisation (WPO)’s London chapter chaired by Sue Stockdale, were presented their awards at the event hosted by Enterprising Women Inc. at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida in March.

Managing Director of Key Production, Emanuel was named a winner in the “More than $10 million and up to $25 million in annual sales revenues” category, while Sherry Moran, Managing Director of Tribeca Knowledge, was named a winner in the “More than $1 million and up to $2 million in annual sales revenues” category.

Sherry Moran

Last year, the London chapter of the worldwide organisation, Women Presidents Organisation, had another three members win awards, meaning that out of twelve members over the past twelve months, 50% have been formally recognised as some of the top female entrepreneurs in the world.

“Having a number of award winners in the chapter inspires everyone to ‘up their game’ and consider how they can further develop their business,” says Sue Stockdale, Chair of the WPO London Chapter. “It’s the willingness of members to support and encourage one another that gives the women the ideas and confidence to set bigger business goals.”

The WPO meets monthly in a venue provided by private bank SG Hambros. The central location will play host to an open meeting later in the year, in which women business owners and entrepreneurs can gather to meet members and see inside a meeting before choosing to join. According to Stockdale, the chapter’s goal for 2014 is to grow membership with a view to helping even more women entrepreneurs in the UK succeed. “Having the chance to be a member of our award-winning chapter is likely to appeal to women who want to be inspired, and supported to achieve things they did not imagine were possible.”