Since LinkedIn made it even easier for us to connect with people that we may know, it seems that this has prompted a splurge of invitations to connect.

Now, whilst I think that LInkedIn is a very useful tool to build and maintain relationships with other business people,  I am constantly amazed at how others behave.  I constantly receive requests to connect from people who describe me as their “friend”,but yet I have never heard of them, yet alone met them.  Would you do that in real life – introduce yourself to someone and say “hi -I’m your friend”!

I generally take time to reply, commenting that I do not recall how I know them, and would appreciate a reminder before I decide if I wish to connect with them.  Nine times out of ten, I receive no follow up reply:)

So here are my suggestions for other LinkedIn users that may wish to connect with me:

1.  Take time to address your request with my name – Dear Sue is nice to read and will encourage me to read on….

2.  Don’t pretend to be my friend if we have not met.

3.  In your request, say why you would like to connect.

4. Please put your photo on your LInkedIn profile so that it seems that you are more approachable.

These points are pretty easy to follow and are the sort of behaviour that one would expect to experience in real life, so its a useful way to behave in the virtual world too.