Today its Friday 13th April and for some, the idea of FRIDAY 13th – seems like something to be avoided.  Stay in bed, do nothing, and keep out of trouble.

But for others, its just another day.  So what makes the difference?  of course, its your mind – and how you think about it.

Your mindset can have a major impact on the results you achieve on any day. Set your intentions at the start of the day and you are more likely to achieve the intention you set. I remember coaching a manager who did not like engaging in networking and office politics.  She thought that it served no purpose and was quite distasteful at best. Her mindset was – this is not something that I want to engage in. I prefer to just do a good job and that will get me noticed.  But when an opportunity came along for a promotion, she got frustrated when she was passed over in favour of someone whom she deemed less capable for the role.

When we explored it, she realised that under the guise of effective influencing – not networking or office politics, the idea of making sure that key people knew what she had, and could achieve was quite important to her career success in future.

Changing the Mindset

We then set out helping her to create a better way of thinking about the idea of influencing others.  Quite by chance, over coffee she had told me about a house party that she had hosted the previous weekend, and that it had been a great success, because she and her husband were a great team in getting people speaking, passing round nibbles, and creating a wonderful atmosphere.  This was they key to her new mindset.

When she realised that she could use the skills as a house party host when she went to her next networking opportunity, it made quite a difference to the way she thought about the task.  Buoyed up by the idea that she could help introduce managers who did not know one another, and by having a genuine sense of curiosity to ask questions rather than stand in the corner, she became excited about the next opportunity to use her skills.

A different outcome

I was delighted to learn a few months later that as a result of her new approach, my coaching client had made such a positive impact that she had been offered a promotion with a fantastic benefits package.  If she had not realised that she could change her mindset and view networking in a different way, she may not have got the outcome she wanted.

So, reflect on your mindset around Friday 13th – just another day or one to be avoided?  What might happen if you change your view??